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"Histology Teacher Adriana Hermanová: A Colorful Figure in the World of Medicine"

- Nadav Altman

In the hurried corridors of Purkyňův ústav, the histology building of the first faculty of medicine of Charles University, Prague, you can often spot a colorful figure walking with a radiant smile, engaging students in animated conversations. Meet Professor Adriana Hermanová, a histology teacher who is as approachable as she is dedicated.


Adriana's journey to her current position as a histology teacher at LF1 Prague is a unique one. Born in Kladno, the largest city of the Central Bohemian Region, she spent nine years there during her primary school. However, her high school journey led her to Prague, where she pursued a humanities major. Surprisingly, this humanities background, including subjects like Latin and history, would eventually lead her to the world of medicine.


Adriana: “I even took a high school leaving examination in philosophy, and by my senior year, I wanted to study archaeology at the university. However, in my fourth and final year of high school, I fell in love with human biology thanks to our great biology teacher Dr. Šebková. I bought a few books about the human body, attended a few open days at medical schools, and the motivation for medicine ignited.”


Her teaching career began earlier than her graduation as a teaching assistant from her second year. “Since I had been helping at the histology institute since my second year as a TA, I had enough time to get into the individual tasks and get acquainted with the running of the teaching and the whole institute,” Professor Hermanová explained. With no doctors in her family, her journey into the medical profession was an independent one driven by her passion. As a graduate of the first faculty of medicine, Charles University, and now a professor at the department of histology and embryology, her academic journey came full circle.











Her choice to specialize in histology was heavily influenced by her very first histology lesson in medical school, which left a lasting impression on her. Adriana: “I remember that first day like it was yesterday. It was incredibly impressive. Moreover, we had a great teacher Professor Martínek and lecturer Dr. Becke, who managed to awake interest in the subject in the students.”


In her professional life, Adriana's weeks are remarkably busy. She teaches one English and two Czech groups, overseeing a barrage of tests. She is passionate about teaching and enjoys the interaction with students from all around the world. Adriana expresses her great satisfaction with her current situation, noting that she is genuinely pleased with where she is.: “Professionally, I'm eager to continue growing in my field. As for my personal life, I'll let tomorrow be a pleasant surprise. You never know what opportunities may come your way.”


One of the most challenging aspects of her profession, as she describes it, is communication. This is particularly true for her English parallel group, where a language barrier and cultural differences can pose unique difficulties. However, her dedication to motivating students shines through, as she emphasizes the importance of regular study, a discipline she believes can help students navigate the vast amount of material that medicine demands. Adriana: “Study, study, study. Of course, everyone has their own individual pace, some people go faster, some slower, but it's always about making an effort, sitting, and learning. I'd like to point out, on a regular basis.”


When asked about remarkable clinical experiences, Adriana responds, “I'm sure many patient cases have left a mark on me. I'm a pretty sensitive and empathetic person. But I will probably never forget my first contact with patients in nursing practice and then my first history taking in internal medicine when we did our internship in cardiology.” Adriana also opens up about a memorable patient case that has impacted her career. She recalls a case involving a woman diagnosed with breast cancer, whose boyfriend's reluctance to proceed with a mastectomy ultimately influenced her decision. The experience left Adriana feeling frustrated, highlighting the complexities and challenges that healthcare professionals often face when dealing with sensitive matters.


Regarding medical developments and innovations, Adriana expresses her excitement about new drug developments. Adriana: “For example, I would mention as one of the great advances in medicine the possibility to fight against hepatitis C. Relatively recently, drugs are available that cure the infection quite reliably, unlike the rather cumbersome treatment with interferons, which was very limiting for patients due to side effects. I should certainly also mention lipid-lowering drugs, whose therapeutic success in the field of cardiovascular diseases has been compared to that of antibiotics in the field of infections.” She acknowledges that medicine is constantly evolving, with the potential for tailored treatments based on individual characteristics and needs. However, she also sounds a note of caution regarding antibiotic resistance, a growing concern that could lead to untreatable infections if not addressed effectively.


Professor Adriana Hermanová, the histology teacher with a passion for inspiring her students, embodies the idea that a successful career in medicine requires dedication, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of knowledge. Her colorful personality, combined with her deep expertise, undoubtedly leaves a lasting impact on all who cross her path."

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