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  1. Assist prospective students and provide them with key information and contacts of study office representatives and upper year students.

  2. Enrich the calendar year with sports, social, charity, and educational events whilst working closely with the student organisations to maximally benefit the current students.

  3. Provide crucial information about training pathways to various countries after graduation from alumni.

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MedAll Exceptional Educator Award

In our inaugural year, we won the prestigious MedAll Exceptional Educator Award for providing high-quality interactive online seminars to our international audience. An excerpt from MedAll's press release:

"On 1st September 2021, the Medical Education Platform MedAll named United International Medical Schools (UIMS) - a national collaborative network connecting the 8 medical schools in the Czech Republic - the recipient of the prestigious Exceptional Educator Award. They are only one of 12 teams selected from over 600 healthcare organisations to receive the accolade. The award recognizes how the team of medical students have delivered consistently high-quality medical education for medical students and professionals at a national and international scale - despite all the challenges of the pandemic."

“The UIMS team have shown us all how, by collaborating, we can achieve so much more. The way in which the team have brought together a team from medical schools across the Czech Republic and delivered medical education at scale has been phenomenal. And not only that but they have also made their sessions open access and made them available on-demand for other healthcare professionals after the live training session. The WHO says we must train 18 million more healthcare professionals by 2030 which requires an innovative and scalable approach. The UIMS team has shown us a glimpse of how we might just be able to achieve this. They have been inspirational in how they have delivered high quality teaching and training to thousands of healthcare students and professionals,” says Dr Phil McElnay, a medical doctor himself and CEO at MedAll.

UIMS MedAll Exceptional Educator Award

We are also proud to include the 8 presidents of the student organisations in Czech Republic, namely: 

  1. LF1 MEDSOC of First Faculty of Medicine, University Karlova-

  2. AIMS of Second Faculty of Medicine, University Karlova-

  3. EC Trimed of Third Faculty of Medicine, University Karlova-

  4. ISMAP of Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, University Karlova-

  5. MIMSA of  Masaryk University-

  6. ISU-LFHK in Hradec Kralove, University Karlova-

  7. PEPA of Palacky University-

  8. Ostrava international medical students-

















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