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UIMS is a non-profit organisation based in the Czech Republic. We are a national collaborative network connecting the 8 medical schools in the country. UIMS board members bring experiences from being a part of their university's international student organisations. We currently represent Charles University 1st Faculty (LF1 Medsoc), Charles University 2nd Faculty (AIMS), Charles University 3rd Faculty (EC Trimed), Charles University Pilsen (ISMAP), Charles University Hradec Králové (ISU), Masaryk University (MIMSA), Palacky University (PEPA) and Ostrava University Medical Faculty.


Deelan Vadher,Founder

"The idea to create UIMS was born out of the realisation that all International Medical students go through very similar experiences at whichever medical school they attend in Czech Republic. UIMS creates a platform upon which we can collaborate and combine our shared experiences to further enhance student satisfaction for the duration of our stay in the country."


We are incredibly excited to announce our flagship event - our Coalescence 2023 ConferenceWe warmly invite medical students from around the world. In its 2nd edition, Coalescence will take place at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague.


Saturday, the 25th March will have the perfect balance of Internal Medicine & Surgery. There will be various speakers discussing key topics in the morning; followed by innovative and interactive workshops taught by experienced instructors in the afternoon.

A certificate of participation will be given after the conference.​ Select 4 workshops upon registration for in-person conference! 

Check out our Coalescence Page for more information!

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